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Champagne is the king of wines and is equally praised by food experts as well as poets.
  • Why champagne exceeds all other sparkling wines?
  • How grapes become pure bubbling gold?
  • What is the classification of champagne?
  • Where, how and with what one should drink champagne?
  • Which is the favourite champagne of James Bond?
  • How many bubbles are in one champagne bottle?
  • Which champagne Winston Churchill had every morning?

These and many other questions you will get answers to at our champagne tasting-training events. Also you will learn about production, grapes, classification, soil, serving, matching, and how to open a bottle with a sword.

" In order to discover new sides to yourself,

you should be open to experiment, test yourself,
meet new people and learn new things. "

Invite friends, colleagues or partners, choose a spot, or stay at home and we will take you to an educational and happy excursion to the roads of champagne world. Tasting different champagnes from simple party companions to dinner drinks with much character, you will get a good impression of a variety of tastes and enough of theoretical knowledge. Suitable food is served with champagnes with help from our catering partners.